[Added] Missing French Comics

I have a question not related to french issues.
I’m collecting Marvel Masterworks for a few years. In the database, the issues are with each characters (Marvel Masterworks Spider-Man, Marvel Masterworks Avengers etc.)

I’m collecting the variants which are numbered from 1 to 350 and ongoing. So I took the variant from each character (numbered 1B 2B in the database, in each character series, and so on) and renumbered them 250B 251B 252B according to their place in the collection etc.

Is it interesting for you that I submitted them in one full run as Marvel Masterwork ? You already have more than 150 in that fashion I think (which means they’re duplicate in the database).
I can give you the rest (all completed with numbers covers barcodes etc.).
Let me know

Uncanny X-Force [FR] A & B this is an omnibus that reprints the previous serie in the deluxe collection… so I kept it in the same serie
If it s not what you want Rowdie you can change the name by Uncanny X-Force Omnibus [FR]

Wonder Woman: Hors-La-Loi [FR] 1

Batman Chronicles [FR] 1989 volume 3
Là où gisait le corps [FR] A et B

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Hi, I have updates on creators, characters and plot. Thanks

updates :
Cluster [FR]
Queen & Country (Intégrale) [FR] #1 2 3
The End League [FR] #1 2
Renato Jones [FR] #1 2
Fear Agent [FR] #1HC 2HC
Mesmo Delivery [FR]
First Wave [FR] #1 2

new issue :
Fear Agent [FR] #HS B

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My apologies but I’m not sure what you mean. Can you maybe let me know through a screenshot?


My collection : Rhodey's comics » CLZ Cloud for Comics

Direct link to the series :

I have all the issues in one series. In the database, they are split between series : Marvel Masterworks Captain America ; Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four and so on.
Mostly, the infos in each issue are alright, but you don’t have the “global series”.

In the database, you have like 180 issues in the “global series” (check MArvel Masterworks HC/TP)
Let me know if you want mine in order to create a whole Marvel Masterworks series in the database (according to what you can find here : https://www.mycomicshop.com/search?TID=592211 )

new issue :
Wolverine : l’intégrale [FR] 1988-1993

Hi @CLZ_Rowdy
Is there any problem with the issues that I submitted ?
there’s half of it that aren’t processed ?

Hi Rhodey,

Regarding your question about the Marvel Masterworks series. Thank you very much for thinking along regarding this. I’m going to have to put this on the backburner but we will get back to this. I can’t tell you when though.

Regarding your reports: I searched for them just now but I could only find the report for ‘Wolverine : l’intégrale [FR] 1988-1993’, which I matched and processed just now.

Thor (Deluxe), Vol. 3 [FR] 1, 2

i submitted Captain America (100%), Vol. 2 [FR] 1 also (i think my first submission didn’t pass)

Processed, thank you for reporting.

that’s ok for the masterworks, it’s up to you to see if you want it for the main database

fir the french issues, I will resubmit them

below, there’s all the issues I resubmited this morning and yesterday
there might be some I submit twice by mistake

Black Widow : l’Intégrale [FR] 1964-1971
Ultimate Invasion [FR]
Destiny of X [FR] 26B 27B 28B

Avengers - Guerre à travers le temps [FR]
The new Warriors : l’intégrale [FR] 1990-1991
Alpha Flight : l’intégrale [FR] 1985
Marvel Comics [FR] 22A 22B
Marvel Two-In-One : L’intégrale [FR] 1979-1980

The Defenders : l’intégrale [FR] 1978-1979

DC Infinite Frontier [FR] #2 (renumbering the series)

Human Target (2022) [FR]

Undiscovered Coutry [FR] 4

Robin & Batman [FR]
Batman Infinite (Bimestriel) [FR] 1-6

Catwoman - Lonely City [FR]

Oblivion Song [FR] 6

Justice League of America (Joe Kelly présente) [FR] 1 2 3
Flash (Geoff Johns présente) [FR] 5 6
James Bond [FR] 6
Il est minuit… l’heure des sorcières Vol. 1 [FR] 1-14
Multiversity [FR] 3
Superman Géant (2ème série) [FR] 35
Arthur Curry : Aquaman [FR] 1
the Ambassadors [FR]

Immortal Iron Fist [Fr]


@fredlemallrat the barcode for Iron Fist #A wasn’t for the French edition?

For A edition it s 9791039124645for B 9791039124652the two are french edition


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