[Fixed]Ready for corrections! correction topic for Jan 15

Star Driver – Collection 2 (Australia DVD Region 4)
Wrong image for this release

Terrahawks – The Complete Series (USA DVD)
Listen in core as “Terrahawks: Season 1-3”
Wrong image for this region
s-l1600 (1)

Super Dimension Century Orguss – The Complete Series (USA DVD Region 1)
Core has it listed as Season 1, not the complete series

Wake Up, Girls! The Movie (USA DVD Region 1)
Listed in core as " Wake Up, Girls! 7 Nin No Idol the Movie" which doesnt match this region
Image in core has “not final” stamed over it. Here is the final art

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz (USA DVD Region 1)
Image in core is the bluray version, this is the dvd

Princess Knight – Part One (USA DVD Region 1)
Core lists as 1 disc, should be 5
Wrong cover

Princess Knight – Part Two (USA DVD Region 1)
Core shows 1 disc, should be 5
Wrong cover image

Emma: A Victorian Romance (USA DVD Region 1)
Disc count shows 1, should be 4
Wrong cover for this release

Hozuki’s Coolheadedness Season 2 (USA DVD Region 1)
Wrong cover

Gasaraki – Complete Series Collection
Disc count is 1, should be 5
Wrong cover

Magic User’s Club – TV Series
Listed in core as “Magic User’s Club: Complete Ova Series” (the OVA series is a separate release)
Disc count 1, should be 3
Wrong image

Your Lie in April – Complete Blu-Ray set (USA bluray)
Listed in core as “Your Lie in April: Season 1” (spine says complete bluray set, not season 1)
Disc count says 1, should be 6
Wrong cover

The Mummy – Complete Legacy Collection (USA DVD, Region 1)
Core just lists as “The Mummy” (single movie) but thia is a set of 6 films
Wrong cover

Blue Exorcist – Definitive Edition Part 1 (UK Bluray, Region B)
Wrong cover

Kaiju Mono (USA Bluray Region A)
Wrong cover

Buster Keaton: The Shorts Collection 1917-1923
Wrong cover

Battle Doll Angelic Layer (USA DVD Region 1)
Appears in core as “Kidô tenshi anjerikku rêyâ” which may be a romanization of the Japanese name, but doesn’t match this release.
Disc count 1 in core, should be 5
Wrong cover

Kodocha – The Complete First Series (USA Bluray Region a)
The image in core is from an old DVD set. Thia is the newer bluray release

Kamen Rider Black
Listed in core as “Kamen Rider Black: Season 1” which doesnt match box.
Wrong image in core

Saiyuki Reload Zeroin – Complete Collection (USA Bluray region a)
Core has it just listed as season one
Wrong image in core