New Comic Book Day, week 26: 561 new releases!

Hurray, New Comic Book Day is here! This week we have 561 new releases with 243 new unique issues, and there’s a lot of magic happening here!

In issue #1 of Zatanna: Bring Down The House we see the see return of our titular hero performing magical tricks and battling interdimensional demons, while in issue #1 of X-Men: Blood Hunt – Magik we follow Illyana Rasputina searching for her soul and fighting of a vampire army.

But that’s not all though, because Thanos is back! Be sure to read more about him in issue #1 of Thanos Annual 2024. Oh snap!

All new books are now available in the CLZ Core online database, easily found through your trusted Add Comics screen. TIP: use the Pull List tab in the Add Comics screen to see all this week’s releases in one place!

Highlights for NCBD week 26

New issues for big titles:

These are the new issues for the most popular titles:

  • Detective Comics, Vol. 3 #1086
  • Blood Hunt #4
  • Something is Killing the Children #38
  • Action Comics, Vol. 3 #1066
  • Hellverine #2
  • Harley Quinn, Vol. 4 #41

Most variants

Something is Killing the Children #38, with 13 variants, listed from 38A to 38M!

New series:

And here are all the issues #1 for new series this week:

  • Hellwitch: Bitchcraft #1 with 12 variants
  • Quested, Vol. 1 #1 with 9 variants
  • Zatanna: Bring Down The House #1 with 9 variants
  • Thanos Annual 2024 #1 with 8 variants
  • Gatchaman #1 with 7 variants
  • X-Men: Blood Hunt – Magik #1 with 7 variants
  • Absolute Power: Ground Zero #1 with 6 variants
  • Cradle Of Filth: Carpathia #1 with 5 variants
  • Ninjak vs. Roku #1 with 4 variants
  • Phantom Halls #1 with 4 variants
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Spring Broken! #1 with 4 variants
  • Anansi Boys #1 with 3 variants
  • Gatchaman-Ken Deathmatch #1 with 3 variants
  • Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons II – Sons Of Giants #1 with 3 variants

Cool new exclusives:

Our picks of some cool new exclusive variants:

  • Zatanna: Bring Down The House #1H: Carla Cohen Exclusive Variant (Ltd. 3000)
  • X-Men: Blood Hunt – Magik #1F: Leirix Li Exclusive Variant (Ltd. 3000)
  • Gatchaman-Ken Deathmatch #1C: Nicoletta Baldari Exclusive Variant (Ltd. 250)

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This week we have 561 new releases with 243 new unique issues

Holy moley. Does that mean that half of the releases were variants or something?

Also, that’s a lot of data to crunch. 'Preciate you guys

Yes, that’s it.

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