PROBLEM..with Port added

I have a problem That Started in MY MUSiC COLLECTOR…every time I start The program with shows The error message (in the picture added)…and The collector do not show my albums any more, I can still see Then on my CLZ.
I have tried every thing, i Have reinstalled and read all sites about it. I getting very frustrated, I have tried support but they weren’t no Help.
Pls somebody give some lights…


Yes, you already posted about this 2 days ago.
Why not continue that conversation? If the instructions from CLZ_AJ did not help, then tell him, so that he can look into this further.

Good day,

I’m very surprise and Sad, Do not understand why are responding with disrespect!
I Bough your program and pay for a bundle. With Great expectations.
Expecting to have a regular support, and, What I’m having, is The Owner of Catraxx responding with amateurs words for a client, instead of resolving my problem, with The Program.
I did not no, to whom i suppose to respond on your terrible support, I have tried everything.
Nobody Give a solution, and I cannot use my Program, on The weekend. The day Tha I take to enjoy my music collection.
I did stop using your program for The same reason 5 years ago,
I came back with expectation, That The program would work and Have a professional support, But, Unhappily is worst.
Lookalike a Throw my money away. I Would better keep with DISCOGS it’s free and works fine.
Anyway If somebody can help solve this Problem, will help to export my collection to another plataforma.


NB: Hope I’m answering to The right part of The support. Which is ver confusing.

Here is my reply with instructions you can try:

That is the first step. Please try that, and feel free to continue the conversation in that topic with me if you can’t make it work.

Disrespect? How?
I am just asking you to continue the original support conversation on this forum, where my colleage CLZ_AJ already gave you the solution.

I don’t know what the owner of Catraxx has to do with all this? As far as I know, Cattraxx has been out of business for many years.