Syncing problems with CLZ Comics for Android

Having trouble with syncing from my cloud who do i contact?

Hi can you fix mine pls having the same trouble syncing

Im as well having trouble syncing who do I contact

I am also seeing sync issues with my android device. I can try it again later tonight to see if it’s resolved.

@CLZ_Alwin - Could you please take a look at my could version?
I have an android phone and CLZ will no update to or from the Cloud. I have removed CLZ from my phone and tried re-downloading the cloud but it fails out with 1589 issues left. There is no apparent error message and when I initiate the process to download the first time, the app will bring me back to the “books” view. IF i try to do it a second time the app just crashes.
I am not sure if related to the cloud or not. Let me know if there anything else I can try.

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Hi all,

We have just released a 9.1.2 update that should fix this problem.
Can you update your app through the Play Store and let me know if this resolves the problem for you?

Yes. This update did fix the issue for me. I was able to download and upload to the cloud.
Thank you VERY much!!

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