1 disc remove in actual program, windows program

Anyway to remove this forever on each movie please? Sense most of my movies are digital.


It is not possible to remove the “1 disc” in the Windows version, no.

Ok thank you.

So is it never going to be possible? :frowning:

Is the windows application going to be left to die sooner or later ? :frowning:

Like the mac application.

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Hello ?


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We do not plan on a remove disc, because the disc structure works differently on Windows. On Windows, a disc is a needed tab in the Movie entry, so it can not be removed, therefor the number of discs is always 1.

On mobile and Connect, it’s just a number field.

It is unlikely that the Windows software will get any big feature updates anymore. We are still supporting it and maintaining it, but all development focus is on the Connect web-based software (and the CLZ mobile apps of course).
We strongly urge all desktop users to switch to the Connect web-based software ASAP.