1 disc

Anyway to remove this forever on each movie please? Sense most of my movies are digital.


You can edit the movie and set the Nr. of Disc field, on the Edition tab, to 0.
When set to 0, it won’t display in the details panel.

Try this with one movie to see if you like it.

If you want to set it to 0 for all movies you currently have:

  • Go to your main list of movies so all movies are in view
  • Tap and hold on a movie so it gets selected
  • Tap “All” bottom left so all movies are selected
  • Tap “Action” bottom right and tap “Edit”, then select the “Nr. of Discs” field
  • Set it to 0 and save.

It can not be disabled or set to 0 upon adding movies though.

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What about the program the actual windows program though too ?

It is not possible to remove the “1 disc” in the Windows version, no.