2 Listings in CLZ Cloud

I have several series in CLZ Cloud that are split into two listings. They are not split in my Comic Collector on my computer and not all series are split in Cloud. Because they are not shown as split in Comic Collector, I cannot merge them. How do I fix this in CLZ Cloud?

If you’ve merged them in Comic Collector in the past, or they’re looking good in Comic Collector, the first thing you could try is to resync everything from your computer to Cloud.

So: I recommend CLEARING your CLZ Cloud, and then re-upload your data from your desktop computer.

FIRST: make absolutely sure you have your latest data in your desktop software. Then continue with these steps:

On your Computer in Comic Collector for Windows:

  1. Go to menu CLZ Cloud > Synchronize
  2. Click the “Clear CLZ Cloud” button bottom left and confirm.
  3. Now sync with CLZ Cloud to upload all your data to the CLZ Cloud again.

If you own the CLZ Comics mobile app, do this on CLZ Comics mobile app:
4. On any mobile devices where you use our CLZ mobile app:

  • Tap the menu top left and tap MAINTENANCE, then use Clear Database,
  • Then choose Sync with CLZ Cloud to download a fresh copy of your data from the CLZ Cloud.