3 major issues

Hi i have bought the apps subscribtion for one year but i cannot do the following.

  1. The account i made on the app cannot login here i had to create a seperate to post this.
  2. When i try to add games to my collection i get a timeout error message.
  3. A lot of older eu titles do not have their english language version added. For example pokemon red and ruby. The PAL versions are missing their english picture.

That is normal. The Club CLZ forum uses a different account system.

Mmm, that is strange. Everything is up and running on our side.
Is this still happening now?

Can you provide some barcode for these as examples?

Here as you can see the eu version is missing the english one. I dont have barcode on hand but you can check pricecharting. PAL pokemon red

Mmm, yeah, strange that we only seems to have localized versions there.
Yes, PriceCharting seems to have an english box image, but without barcode.

I’ll try to find the barcode for that english PAL box.
In the meantime, I have replaced the image for the Default EU Edition with an english image, for both Red and Ruby.

You will need to check this for red - all the way to emerald basicly from the nds it is fixed before that they dont exist.

Sorry, can you explain that in more details? I don’t follow.

It is a bit weird that we do not have the barcodes for those english version listed yet.
One would expect that the english version would be the most common and most likely to be listed already.

Yes thats what i was thinking

Is there any way you can find the barcodes of those english editions?

I have all of them irl but im at work

Looking forward to those barcodes.

What about the time-out? Is that still hapening?

Time out is fixed.

Great, good to hear that.

I think I know what is happening with the PAL version with English text.
It seems that in those days, Nintendo used the SAME barcode on the US, UK and AU editions.
So I think that the barcode on YOUR box, is listed in our app under region US, with a US cover image.

We can duplicate those barcodes for each region and give them the correct cover images.
We have done so for the GB Pokemon games now.

Hope that helps.

Did you find the barcodes for those games already?