A lot of missing comics

I have a lot of books that need to be submitted to CLZ Core, should I make an individual post for each one or can I lump them into one big post?

@jebbe a lot of missing comics doesn’t sound too good.

If you don’t mind me asking, what comic series are you referring to exactly?

Genesis #1 from Galactic Press
King of Camp #1
Talon from Red Headed Studios
Prometheus (Artist Edition) from Ryan Little
The Church and The Dime issues 1 & 2
Inkbrick #1
Willy Weasley by Rick Keene
The Streaker #1
Silent Scream #1
Gore Shriek Resurrectus #1 Cover B
The Girl From the Gulf
Monster of the Week by Ryan Little
High Quality Comics #34
The Boy and the Dragon
Shit Flingers #1 (4 different covers)from Martian Lizard Press
The Man Outside the Window from Steven Rosia
RÖK 1-4 by Katie Longua
Mushoka by Steven Rosia
Getting Away with Murser one-shot by Sean Griffin
Manifest Destiny #1 Italian Edition from Salda Press

Thanks for replying back. I would advice to make an individual post for each series then, with the series name and issue number listed in the topic title field.