A Possible sync issue

I have just started to use books connect but have been using the app for several years. I am restarting my book list and adding locations, genre etc due to loosing over 200 books when I changed my phone and the books hadn’t been synced.

My query is, I added some more books yesterday and when I synced and checked the app today it is telling me I have 1 more book listed in the app than on book connect, I don’t see how as all books have been added thru connect.

Is there a way of running a comparison to see which book is the culprit and not making my list the same. TIA

Hi Heather,
In most cases, this is because of different filters being active on both sides.
I checked your cloud and I see 5 collection there. Which one are you seeing the difference in?

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in the master genealogy collection

In your Connect account, I see 379 books in that “Master Genealogy Books” collection. One of which is set with status “Not In Collection”.
Could that be the difference?

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thank you that was it, except I accidentally deleted it and now don’t know what it was