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Suggest missing/wrong key comics

If you see comics:

  • that should be marked as keys (but are not yet)
  • flagged as Minor Key that you think should be Major Key
  • flagged as Major Key that you think should be Minor Key

then please report them in this forum (you can create your own topics). We need YOUR feedback to make this into the best key database online!
IMPORTANT: before you report key errors here, ALWAYS make sure your keys are up-to-date first! In your app:

  • Open the menu with the menu icon top left
  • Then choose “Update Key Info”
  • In the screen that appears, select “Major & Minor Keys” and set it to allow “Replace”.
  • Then tap “Update Keys” to start the update process.

BTW: a note about Major and Minor keys:

  • Major Keys: all comics for which there is a general consensus that they are key. In other words, the ones virtually no one will dispute. For example: ASM300, NM98, Hulk 181, Amazing Fantasy 15, etc… you get the drift.
  • The list of major keys is meant to be a pretty exclusive list.
  • Minor Keys: everything else. Since we are keeping major keys pretty exclusive, we will be very “inclusive” with minor keys, any first appearance, cameo appearance, 2nd appearance, death, iconic cover, etc… Any interesting trivia that is worth mentioning about a comic, of course within certain limits (no 5th appearances of secondary characters).

Looking forward to your suggestions!

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