About YouTube videos

Hi, I want to add or edit game YouTube videos on my list. But how?

It is currently not possible in CLZ Games to modify the YouTube trailer URL…
If one is wrong, we can of course update it, which you can post here:

What would you like to do though, would you like to add more?

But we can change everything, even covers, on the game profile. Why can’t we change or add a YouTube video to the game profile? I have over 5000 games in my collection, so I think I can’t report all of them. :frowning:

We can see which YouTube videos are broken on our side, which we do work on fixing. Using Update from Core on your games can download new ones. (select games, then Action, then Update from Core).

I was only giving an option for you if you have a glaring wrong one you might want us to fix :slight_smile:

If all 5000 are indeed broken, then something else is going on. Is this the case?

As for “why” you can’t change them, the field just never made it to the “editable” fields, and I’ve taken note of your wish.

No, of course, not all 5000 are broken :slight_smile: There are many games without a video. Also, sometimes I want to put a different video, for example, a walkthrough. Yes, this is definitely a request and a suggestion. It would be great if we could edit it. :slight_smile: