Accessing a book that I recently scanned

I scanned a book into the software using the CLZ scanner, but I was unable to access the book that I scanned in order to edit the fields.

Maybe this is your issue…I had this problem about 6 months ago (I tried adding the same book a bunch of times!) I talked to CLZ about it they told me that it was because the book had an invalid ISBN. I asked them to add an error message INSTEAD of it just looking like it added the book. They said they’d look into this as a possible enhancement for the future - but if this is your issue - it sounds like this hasn’t been done yet. Try adding the book in by author/title.

And as an FYI - my book listed the ISBN and I provided a screenshot of the ISBN to show that what I typed in was the same - and they still said it was an invalid ISBN. So apparently the book listed the ISBN incorrectly (CLZ said this happens a lot.)

ISBN’s are like credit cards, in that there is a check digit that allows software to determine whether a number is a valid number or not.

Basically a check digit is the last digit in the number and it is derived by doing some mathematical equation with the previous numbers to get the value of that last digit.

Are you sure the book actually got added? You can use menu View > Columns > Edit Current Columns Favorite" and add “Date Added” in your main list, and make it sort by it by clicking the column header!

Here’s a video on how you do that:

Would that help you find the book?

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Another helpful tip:

I was adding a movie to the CLZ Movies app and it just wouldn’t show up! I tried adding it again and it said it was there but I couldn’t find it!

I then noticed i had the filter set to “For Sale” instead of show all. Once I removed the filter it was there all along.

Indeed, sometimes users have filters switched on (and you might not be aware). Can be a LOT of filters actually:

It could be the quick filter panel:
Open the quick filter panel, top left. It has a red exclamation mark on the button probably, as it is active. The red icon indicates that the filter is active.

You can either:

  • Click “Reset Filters” at the bottom.
  • Or uncheck “Keep Active” and hide the quick filter panel.

Or a collection status filter:
If that’s not it can you check if you have a collection status filter active via menu Search > In Collection Status > ALL

You can always check the bottom bar of your program, where it will tell you if a filter is switched on.

Thank you. I know that the book was added. In any event, the video was helpful.

Awesome, so you found the book in the end?

I found the book in the end although I still have problems doing a book search. There is a search box in the upper right hand corner as well as in the left corner. There is also the alphabet across the top which I do not know how to use. If I click on a particular letter, is that supposed to find a book by title or by author? It doesn’t work.

The search top right searches your entire database.

The search top left filters the folder panel you have on. So if you have your folder panel set to author, and type “king” it will show all authors that have “king” in their name. You can then click on an author to show all his/her books.

The alphabet bar filters all items on either first letter of author last name, or first letter of the book title (depending on what you’ve set it too).

It’s three different ways to search your database, depending on what you know about the book you’d like to find.

Thank you. Very helpful. I will see if all this actually works.