Accessing 'old' movie database entries using app after cancelling subscription

I’ve used CLZ Movies for a number of years to keep track of older DVDs I picked up from charity shops etc. These days I am tending to stream new movies and am acquiring far fewer DVDs. I am considering cancelling my subscription as I don’t really use the quick entry benefits, etc. So, if I was to cancel and keep the app on my phone will I still be able to access my local database records for movies, or is that somehow blocked? I won’t be wanting to add more records or to go online for anything. I’m assuming that manually adding any records after subscription cancellation isn’t an option?

As I explained to you by email:

You do not have a subscription for the CLZ Movies app.

You paid for the app once, back in Feb 2019, before the app became a subscription app. Since then, you have been using the app in grandfathered state, without paying for the subscription.

You have only been paying for the CLZ Books mobile app.