Ad new season to existing item or merge two items

How do I ad a new season to an existing tv series? Or merge tv seasons into a single tv show with more chapters (disks)?
Lets say I have season 1 from Doctor Who in my collection. If i want to ad season 2, it will ad it as a separate item and will appear in my list as “Doctor Who season 1” and “Doctor Who season 2”. Sure it’s not a big deal if there are only 2 seasons, but just counting till this date, are 15 seasons and more to come. So instead of ONE item in my catalog that I could divide into disk (season) 1,2,3 …, I have like 15 items. And I don’t even count the extras, the specials.
At this moment, the way I do it is to download all the seasons in a different app, export it, end import it in MovieColectorzz. Then, I go to edit and ad disks consulting on Imdb to see what episode belongs where. Then I move episodes 16-30 from disk1 to disk 2, 30-45 from disk1 to disk 3, 46-60 from disk1 to disk 4, etc.
That way, I have all seasons under one item.
(Sure there is the “ad to box set” option, but that still does not show me “Doctor Who” as one item).
Wouldn’t be much easier and logical to have an “ad to existing item” option? Or something like that?
Thank you.

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