Add a new storage box

My collection has grown and I need to added and name a couple of new storage boxes. No luck finding info on how to add them to the storage box drop down. Suggestions?

There’s no need to “first add storage boxes”.

Here’s what to do:

  • Click any comic, then edit it.
  • Now just type a new name in the Storage Box field bottom left
  • Done

This new name will now be available to pick for any other comic you edit.

Let me know if you need further help with that (or anything else),

Apparently you cannot have an EMPTY box that persists in the database. I get that you don’t want orphaned “children” objects lying around like Boxes and Tags but some of us like to set things up before we start using them!

Just now I am trying to set up some “Sort Cubbies (1-6)”. I cannot seem to create “Storage Box”(es) like SORT CUBBY 1, SORT CUBBY 2, etc. before I put anything in them. So I wen t down the path of create a “SORT CUBBIES” Box and tried to set up “Cubby 1”, “Cubby 2”, etc. as tags that I would use but the ran into the same thing. If a tag is not used, it disappears

That is indeed how it works. In Connect, you cannot have unused pick list items.