Add Movie no longer goes straight to edit screen?

I used to be taken straight to an edit screen when adding movie, but now the collection just stays where it is. Have I un-knowingly changed a setting somewhere?

Maybe you are seeing THIS change:

In any case, it never went straight to the Edit screen.

Now it selects the movie in the main screen and the details will show in the details panel.
Of course, this only works when you are actually using a Layout that includes the details panel in the main screen. In other words, in Settings, under Main Screen Layout, you need to be in “Horizontal Split” or “Vertical Split” layout. In general, we would recommend against using the “No Details” layout, as it causes a lot of annoying back and forth between main screen and details screen.

Thanks for the quick Response! I do have ‘Vertical Split’ selected, but should have been clearer on the problem - as you say It’s not the edit screen itself but what I thought I was experiencing after adding a movie, is that I am no longer taken to it, or rather it doesn’t appear on the right-hand vertical split (where I could then hit the ‘edit’ button) and the screen stays on wherever I was before.*

*UPDATE! - working again! - Just realised you need to be on the correct letter (i.e., in ‘B’ if adding a Batman movie etc or ‘All Movies’ to begin with!

Thank you