Add Movies from CLZ Core

This just started, I would type the title, scroll down to the movie click on it, but no information comes up to the right information box that has the blue icon bar Add this movie to Collection.

Hi @tanker39 , thanks for your post. That sounds a bit odd indeed.

Could you show me the result in a full screen screenshot so I can see what you’re seeing? You can post the screenshot here!

If you don’t know how to make a screenshot, here’s a page that explains how to:

Also when I use the View and change the template I get this.

Thanks for those screenshots! That helps!

I would like for you to try this:

  • Shut down the program

  • Go to your Program Files > Movie Collector and remove the templates folder.

  • Also go to Onedrive > Documents > Movie Collector folder, and remove the templates folder.

  • Redownload and reinstall the program from

  • Check if the problem is now gone.

Let me know!

That cleared it up. Thanks for the help.

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Good, thanks for letting me know!