[Added] Add Thundercats variant

Can you please add the Thundercats exclusive by Lipwei and also add Red Sonja: The Superpowers by Junggeun Yoon

Different from the ones already there?

Yes, the Thundercats one isn’t in the system so I had to manually add it to my collection along with the Red Sonja (it has the regular color cover but not the B/W virgin one)

You might want to post pictures so they know which you mean.

Where at? I was looking for the attached sign so I could

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Thank you, I appreciate it

Do I have to request adding books separately? I see that the Thundercats variant was added but not the Red Sonja one.

Thank you for your time

Thundercats wasnt added, it was already there. The team should pick up Red Sonja after the weekend.

Oh ok, thank you

Yes, the Red Sonja variant has been added.

@270goldenboy when reporting missing comics, please be sure to include in your post:

  • exact series title
  • name of publisher
  • date of release
  • barcode (if any)
    and a (scanned, or otherwise good quality image of the frontcover)