[Added]Adding Photo to an Actor in Core

Hi @CLZ_Martin,
@CLZ_AJ told me that you could add an image to an actor in Core.
I would have liked the photos of some Korean actors to be added. The difficulty is that Korean names give first the SURNAME then the name.
So for example LEE Jong-suk is listed in Core as Jong-Suk Lee.
Actors I would like photos added to :

  • LEE Jong-suk
  • KANG So-ra
  • PARK Hae-jin
  • JIN Se-yeon
    I am trying not to overwhelm with too many names :laughing:
    Thank you very much in advance

Hi Nad,

I’ve added the missing actor images to CORE.
Thank you for reporting :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much @CLZ_Martin
May I ask for more ?

LEE Da-hee
LEE Bo-young
HYUN Yoon Sang or Yoon Sang Hyun
YUN Ju-sang
KIM Ga-eun

Thank you very much in advance

No problem, updated in CORE.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Brilliant !
I will ask for more !

Hi @CLZ_Martin
Here is another batch of actors to add please :
SONG Hye-kyo
PARK Bo-gum
JANG Seung-jo
NAM Gi-ae
KWAK Sun-young
KO Chang-seok
JEON So-nee
PARK Jin-joo
CHA Hwa-yeon
KIM Joo-Heon

Thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:

I’ve added the missing actor images to CORE.
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @CLZ_Martin
Thank you, but it only worked for SONG Hye-kyo and PARK Bo-gum.
In my cast tab none of the others have their photo added. :frowning_face:
I hope you find why. Good luck.

All actors have an image now, but it may take a while before they are all visible due to the cache. Sorry about that.

Hi @CLZ_Martin.
For the Korean Serie Encounter, I found that one of the important actors was missing : KO Chang-seok in the role of NAM Myeong-sik
And in the role of JUNG Woo Suk the actor is JANG Seung-jo or JANG Hyeon-deok for his birth name. It makes it all very complicated !
Thanks for managing !

@CLZ_Martin , could you add the cast of the Korean Serie The Real Has Come !, please ?
Thank you.

@CLZ_Martin, could you also add for the Serie Once Again the photos of :
OH Dae-hwan
OH Yoon-ah
LEE Sang-yeob
LEE Min-jung
LEE Cho-hee
LEE Pil-mo
Thank you

Updated in CORE.
Thank you for rerporting :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @CLZ_Martin,
In the Serie The Lies Within, could you add the photos for the following actors please ?
LEE Min-ki
LEE Yoo-young
LEE Joon-hyuk
KIM Jong-soo
KIM Hak-sun
KIM Si-eun
KIM Yong-ji
KIM Bi-bi
YUN Jong-seok
JO Ryun
ON Joo-wan
SEO Hyeon-woo
MOON Chang-gil
YOON Bok-in
YE Soo-jung
Thank you very much in advance