[Added] Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1 possible variants

A couple of obscure variations I have. I’m not sure if you’ll see find these worthy of being indexed…

First, with Amazing Spider-Man 320, the main direct edition has Paladin in the barcode box. However, there is an edition with Spider-Man’s head in that box. The ONLY copies I am aware of with Spider-Man’s head were originally available in the UK. I wonder if there was some UK multi-pack that has those

Next, there are two nearly identical editions to the DIRECT edition of Amazing Spider-Man 387. But the variation happens with the back cover.

Some direct editions of ASM 387 have a Spider-Man and X-Men video game ad. Some direct editions have an X-Men trading cards ad. I have only ever seen a newsstand edition with the video game.

Spider-Man and X-Men video game ad (for one of the direct editions and the only version of the newsstand edition I have seen):

X-Men trading cards ad (for the other direct edition – I have never seen a newsstand edition with this back cover)

I happen to find an eBay listing for both versions. CGC doesn’t make any indication.


320: Nice find! I’m surprised no other sources have this. I believe you are correct about what it is. There are Shan-Lon Cassette variants around the same time but those looks very different (corner box). What further proves your point is that all the listings on Ebay are in the UK. I have added it as that, thanks!

387: Added! Great find as well, we had the TCG back cover on A but this has now been changed to C.

Thanks for posting!

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