[Added] Aquaman Annual 1 1995

This issue is missing in CLZ. I have attached the cover and indices.
The UPC: 070989308701 cover date: 1995, issue date May 30, 1995.

Hi, you can find this in Aquaman, Vol. 5 Annual

That info you supplied comes up in Collectorz as the 1999 Aquaman Annual.

@mlopinto in your initial post you mentioned the Aquaman Annual with UPC 070989308701
Yet you attach a screenshot with a DIFFERENT barcode: 76194120416100111

If you search CORE by barcode on 76194120416100111 you will get that particular annual, listed as issue #1 in the series Aquaman, Vol. 5 Annual

ah, I see the problem: I was using the bar coder on my copy but pulled a pic of the cover from the DC website which has a different bar code.
Attached is a pic of my copy.

The website I used is this:

@mlopinto I have added the newsstand edition, thank you for clarifying.

ps: know that the initial barcode you mentioned (this one: 070989308701) was missing the last two digits (55).

These are important, as they more or less stand for the issue numbers in a series.
So when letting us know about more missing issues, please include the whole barcode.

Thank you for reporting!

thanks, no problem on the bar code reporting. I didn’t really know what the last digits were for. When I use the CLZ app it usually focuses in on the first part.

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