[Added] Armored Kingdom

Comic: Armored Kingdom
issue: 0
Barcode: none
variant description: Uncommon Edition only 400 Copies Printed
publisher: Armored Kingdom Media Inc

Cover date: 2022
Release date: 2022
Current Age | Color | USA | English
Pages: 22

Cost: USD n/a free
Genre: Fantasy
Writer: Hugh Sterbakov, Brian Turner
Pencils: Jeevan J. Kang, Marcelo Borstelmann, N.S. Sathish Kumar, Abhishek Puri
Letterer: Rakesh B. Mahadik
Cover Artist:
Editor: Sharad Devarajan, Ashwin Pande


Armored Kingdom is set in a medieval fantasy world where the stage is already set for at three-way war between humans, the anthropomorphic jungle creatures of the Kingdom of the Horn and the Costraca, an army of sea creatures. As s a pivotal battle is about to begin the unthinkable happens: a spaceship arrives. It remains hovering, unmoving in the sky, a silent omen sending the factions below into a mad scramble. A treaty is forged, but the acrimony remains and ancient feuds continue to simmer. Living in the shadows of the ship grows more maddening with each day, week …. even years that pass.

You can also read a digital copy at www.armoredkingdom.com

Only 2,022 First Edition copies were printed worldwide divided among six limited edition different covers, ranging from 50 copies to 972 copies.
50 copies of Armorite Edition Warrior cover
100 copies of Legendary Edition Gorillakar cover
200 copies of Epic Edition Costraca cover
300 copies of Rare Edition King Colossus cover
400 copies of Uncommon Edition cover
972 copies of Common Edition Gorillakar cover

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