[Added] Ascencia #22 Hidden Mail-In Exclusive Variants

Hi Team,

Can we get the two hidden mail-in exclusive variants for ‘Ascencia’ #22 added?

J. Scott Campbell Hidden Mail-In Exclusive (Ltd. to 380)
Front Cover:

Cover Artist: J. Scott Campbell
Cover Penciler: J. Scott Campbell
Cover Inker: J. Scott Campbell
Cover Colorist: Sabine Rich
CovrPrice: https://covrprice.com/issue/ascencia-22-j-scott-campbell-torpedo-comics-hidden-mail-in-exclusive/?current_page&issue_type=variant

Frank Miller Hidden Mail-In Exclusive (Ltd. to 380)
Front cover:

Cover Artist: Frank Miller
CovrPrice: https://covrprice.com/issue/ascencia-22-frank-miller-torpedo-comics-hidden-mail-in-exclusive/?current_page&issue_type=variant

Thank you!


Added, thank you for reporting.

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Thanks @CLZ_Rowdy :slight_smile: Have a great weekend!

@CLZ_Rowdy I don’t think either of these got linked up to CP?

They are now.

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