[Added] Ascension Chronicles

A relative got me this goofy comic book about some crackpot conspiracy theories about aliens secretly ruling the earth that are supposedly based on someone’s actual life. Anyways, it’s totally bonkers but also not in the database. There appears to be both a HC and TPB version, with the same cover art.

Series Title: Ascension Chronicles: Spheres of Influence
Cover date: 2022
Barcode: 9798986042411
Format: Trade Paperback
Pages: 126
Publisher: Disclosure Comics
Genre: Sci-Fi
Country: USA
Language: English
Plot: Based on the true-life testimony of Corey Goode, a new graphic novel series is here to reveal the hidden world of secret space programs, psychic child training, extraterrestrial cultures, and humanity’s choice between a future of slavery and transhumanism or a spiritual ascension towards a golden age. Corey Goode always believed some part of his soul was missing. Whether falling under the influence of similarly troubled kids or being taken by strangers on unauthorized “field trips” away from home, his life was one of conflict, secrecy, and countless blind spots.
But everything changes when Corey receives his fateful eye injury, and the overwhelming download of over one-hundred years of memories return to Corey’s mind in an instant. Using his restored memories as a breadcrumb trail of clues, Corey pieces together everything that had been done to him by the secret space program pulling his strings, and the alien puppet masters pulling their strings…
HC cover price: $64.99
SC cover price: $49.00

Writer: Richard Ashley Hamilton
Artist: Steve Cefalo
Layouts: Ulises Carpintero
Letterer: Clem Robins
Plotter: Corey Goode


Back cover:

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