[Added] Becca Boo the Bimbo Ghost #1 - Standard Edition (Obscura Comics)

Release: Apr 17, 2023

Cover: Feb 2023

Publisher: Obscura Comics


Modern Age | USA | English

Comic | 24 pages

Genre: Adult, Comedy, Fantasy

Created by Sun Khamunaki, Becca Boo is a 22-page, full-color comic about Becca who, upon emerging from an open grave, believes herself to be a ghost. Is she dead? Is she alive? Is she just really, really dumb?! The answer to two of these questions is absolutely!


Credit Name
Writer Garth Matthams
Artist Kenan Halilovic
Cover Artist Kenan Halilovic
Colorist Anna Jarmolowska
Letterer Garth Matthams

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