[Added] Black Diamond Western #37 Super Publishing Canadian Edition

Black Diamond Western (Super) series does not exist yet. Canadian reprints of the Lev Gleason series. It was not a CPV, these issues were printed months later in Canada. Issues 24 through 41 were published.

Not to be confused with Black Diamond Western (Superior), also Canadian reprints of Lev Gleason issues but a different publisher printing issues 9 to 23.

Issue #37 in particular
Dick Rockwell cover artist

The Canadian publishers scratched off the Lev Gleason text and date from the front cover printing plates before printing. Above the issue number and again above the “3 Feature-Length” circle on the left.


Front Cover

Back Cover

@martybee this (and the series itself) has been added to Core, thank you for reporting. (btw, I made sure to set the country to Canada :upside_down_face: )

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Amazing as always, thank you