[Added] Blood N' Bullets

Got a cover to add for the Blood N’ Bullets title released by Maverick Arts through Kickstarter. The title is already in the CLZ database but these covers are not. This is for issue #1. There are two versions of this cover, the “Rock Star Variant” and the “Holofoil Variant” which is limited to 50 copies. They look the exact same and the only difference is one is on a holofoil cover, so I’d suggest using the same art for both, which I’ve attached below.

Cover artwork by Marc F. Huizinga
Cover colors by: F. Soic

@MetalChris these have been added, thank you for reporting.

Awesome, the only thing is that the holofoil variant is limited to 50 copies but I have no idea how many were made of the rock star variant, it was not disclosed. Sorry about being unclear on that.

Ah, no worries! Corrected the rock star variant just now. Thank you for letting us know about this.