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Comic: Bloodstar


Barcode: 9780894370144

variant: Hardcover (First Printing of 5,000)

variant description:


publisher: The Morning Star Press


Cover date: 1976

Release date: 1976

| Color | USA | English

Pages: 104

Cost: USD

Genre: Fantasy

Writer: Robert E, Howard, John Jakes, Richard Corben

Pencils: Richard Corben

Colors: B&W


Cover Artist: Richard Corben

Editor: Armand Elsen, Gil Kane




BLOODSTAR is a new, revolutionary concept—a graphic novel, which combines all the imagination and visual power of comic strip art with the richness of the traditional novel. Master of fantasy literature, Robert E. Howard, creates a mythic land of fantastic thrills and high adventure which comes to life through the dazzling illustrations of world renown comic strip artist, Richard Corben. Together they bring you one of the greatest science fiction-fantasy tales of all times.

From outer space comes an undreamt of force which hurls the world into a nightmarish Dark Age. Against this mythical backdrop of an Earth transmuted into barbarism, the passionate and heroic human struggle for life is played out on an epic scale. A hero with the mark of the Bloodstar on his brow emerges as the only man who can challenge the fearful powers which plague mankind. He must survive the clash of barbarian armies, master the trial of The Teeth of Ymir, overcome the hideous Satha, and finally, all alone, must throw himself against the madness and sorcery of an unspeakable peril known only as The King of the Northern Abyss.

Here in BLOODSTAR, the power of prose and pictures unite to transport the reader into a realm of pure wonder and excitement. A hero created by one of the great fantasy authors of all time-illustrated by a world famous artist. BLOODSTAR is destined to become a classic science fiction-fantasy adventure.

Bloodstar is an American fantasy comic book published in 1976. Possibly the first graphic novel to call itself a “graphic novel” in print (in its introduction and dust jacket), it was based on a short story by Robert E. Howard, the creator of Conan the Barbarian, and illustrated by fantasy artist Richard Corben.

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