[Added] Bunny Goes to Space (2022)

Comic: Bunny Goes To Space (2022)
issue: 1
variant: see list of covers below
variant description: Kickstarter
publisher: self published by Alton Simpson via Kickstarter

Cover date: August 2022
Release date: August 2022
Current Age | Color | USA | English
Pages: 24
Barcode: none
Cost: n/a (Kickstarter released)
Genre: Space Fantasy, Adult
Writer: Alton Simpson
Pencils: Bob Herron
Colors: Bob Herron
Letterer: Bob Herron
Cover Artist: see list of covers below

The story centers on Barbara Silverton, aka Bunny, who is an astrophysicist and the girlfriend of internet billionaire Jonathan Duncan. Jonathan has decided to enter into the 21st century space race for profit. Bunny and Jonathan take a trip to inspect his latest interplanetary rocket, and they are mistakenly launched into space and subsequently into a black hole.
This series is a mash-up of Harley Quinn meets Barbarella - where your intellect and sexuality are your best weapons in an upside down universe. This new space fantasy is for mature readers only.

Covers, “Publishers Letters”, Cover Artist, Cover Colorist, Variant
A Keith Garvey main
AA Ruben Rosas Gwenaelle Daligault nice variant
B CB Zane nice variant
BB Ruben Rosas Gwenaelle Daligault naughty variant
C Stef Wilson Kerry Anne nice variant
CC Gregbo Watson Gwenaelle Daligault Cat variant
D Shikarii nice variant
DD Gregorio Lagarino nice variant
E Gregbo Watson Gwenaelle Daligault nice variant
EE Dhaxina nice variant
F Keith Garvey nice variant
FF Dhaxina naughty variant
G Shawn Howe nice variant
GG Devon Massey Kerry Anne naughty variant
H Lance Footer nice variant
HH Devon Massey Kerry Anne wild variant
I Ruth Lucas Gwenaelle Daligault nice variant
J Shikarii torn nice variant
L Cara Nicole Cosplay
M Cara Nicole Cosplay
N Cara Nicole Cosplay
O Cara Nicole Cosplay
P Ruth Lucas Gwenaelle Daligault naughty variant
Q Gregbo Watson Gwenaelle Daligault naughty variant
R Stef Wilson Kerry Anne naughty variant
S CB Zane naughty variant
T Lance Footer naughty variant
U Shikarii naughty variant
V Shawn Howe wild/naughty variant
W Courtney Rose nice variant
X Shikarii wild/naughty variant
Y Wendy Shaner Cosplay nice
Z Wendy Shaner Cosplay naughty

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Cover BB
Bunny Goes to Space 1 BB cover

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Bunny Goes to Space 1 D cover

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Cover EE

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Cover FF

Bunny Goes to Space 1 FF cover

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Cover HH

Bunny Goes to Space 1 HH cover

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