[Added] Calaguerra

Can you please add these to core.

This is the info I got from the writer about this book.

Cover by Javier Hernandez
Pencils by El Kartun
Letters by L.C. Sanchez

Thank you

Hi @Shyboy90744 , are these variants to the series ‘Calaguerra’, published by Blood Moon Comics, which is already listed in Core?

If so, is it possible for you to reply back with straight images of these variants so we can use them and add them to Core?

I tried searching online for straight images of these covers but I could not find any unfortunately.

Thank you in advance!

Will add better pics later in the am. Thank you

I took some better picture with a black background hopefully these will ok.

Straight images with no background uploaded.

Straight pictures have been uploaded. Thank you

I really dont know anymore how to explain we generally don’t prefer curved or bended cover images.
We prefer straight images. Sharp corners. No background.

I still dont know if this series is the series published by Blood Moon Comics so I added the series to Core as ‘Calaguerra (Terrestro Comics)’