[Added] Cerulean Dreams 1 (one shot) updates

NOTE: This comic is in Core, but only 1 B

Comic: Cerulean Dreams, Space Between Annual 2023

issue: 1

Barcode: none

variant: covers and artists

A Rosi Kampe

B Sedat Oezgen & Walter Pereyra

C Celtis

D Ivan Tao

E Celtis virgin

F Cindy Law virgin

G Celtis

H Celtis virgin

I Celtis metal

J IvanTao metal

variant description: Kickstarter

titles: Smoke Weed, See the Future, the Dating Game

Vixx of Afterglow,This World (Origin story)

Destiny NY, Right Now & Always

publisher: Space Between Entertainment


Cover date: February 2023

Release date: February 2023

Current Age | Color | USA | English

Pages: 32 plus covers

Cost: USD n/a (Kickstarter released)

A 12.00 Kampe

B 20.00 Oezgen

C 20.00 Celtis

D 25.00 Tao

E 30.00 Celtis virgin

F 40.00 Law virgin

G 20.00 Celtis

H 30.00 Celtis virgin

I 55.00 Celtis metal

J 55.00 Tao metal

Genre: Fantasy, Mature

Writer: See below for writer, artist, colorist info




Cover Artist: See cover titles for artist and Cover Gallery picture

Editor: Shannon Lee



SMOKE WEED, SEE THE FUTURE – a world where a Seer creates a strain of marijuana that allows normal people to see what she does… their future.

Artwork by JOHN McGUINNESS (Destiny, NY Trading Card Game) and colors by FIN CRAMB (White Ash), written by creator PAT SHAND

VIXX OF AFTERGLOW – a post-apocalyptic world with giant, glowing, mutated animals and those that hunt and protect them.

Artwork by ARIEL MEDEL (Xena: Warrior Princess, Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales) and colors by LEONARDO PACIAROTTI (TMNT: Shredder in Hell, Zenescope’s Wonderland), created by PAT SHAND and written by JEFF MASSEY (Warlord of Oz).

DESTINY, NY – a world where magic is a real and accepted part of life, where we follow a woman trying to find meaning in her life after completing her prophecy

Artwork by KARL MOLINE (Fray, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and colors by FIN CRAMB (White Ash), written by creator PAT SHAND

cover galley and artists

cover A

cover B

cover C

cover D

cover E

cover F

cover G

cover H

cover I

cover I another pic
Cerulean Dreams 1 Ia Metal cover by Celtis

cover J

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