[Added] Chaotica: Spellbound #1A - Premiere Edition (Coffin Comics)

Release: Feb 01, 2024

Cover: Feb 2024

Modern Age | USA | English

Genre: Horror, Urban Fantasy

Premiere Edition

UPC: 645781900226

| Comic | 48 pages | $ 24.99

In hopes of taming her unpredictable powers, Lady Death’s daughter Chaotica journeys to Salem, Massachusetts, home of a shadow society of witches. What she finds instead is a one-way ticket to a strange alternate Earth - a reality in which witches and warlocks rule humankind. This “witch world” appears to be a harmonious paradise. But soon, Chaotica discovers looks can be oh so deceiving. Featuring a special guest appearance by Lady Death!


Credit Name
Writer Mike MacLean, Brian Pulido
Artist Alisson Rodrigues
Cover Artist Diego Bernard
Cover Colorist Hi-Fi Color Design
Colorist Hi-Fi Color Design
Letterer Marshall Dillon


Character Real Name
Chaotica Vivian
Lady Death Hope
Ravenna Redd

@Semichrist this has been added, thank you for reporting.

This was entered into the system as just “Chaotica” with “Spellbound” in the Full Title field. The correct title of the book in the indicia is “Chaotica: Spellbound.” Per Coffin Comics standard, if another Chaotica book comes out, beyond the #1/#2 split for the retail editions, it will be another #1 with another “Chaotica: xxxx” title.

the title has been corrected to ‘Chaotica: Spellbound’

Awesome! Thank you.