[Added] Comic deletions

Hey guys! I find some books listed that are either duplicates w a book in the same listing or a book that doesnt belong there. Here is an example.
Batman tmnt adventures. That book circled is already listed and should be deleted


Corrected, thank you for letting us know.

For these checked books there is already a category and they are included in thr kevin eastman 30th anniversary. This category is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 30th Anniversary Special and the checked off comics should be removed please.

Corrected, thank you for reporting.

Whew this one took a lil time. These books checked off are either duplicated in the same/different spot, no known book exists, or dont belong there!

All for tmnt vol 5 idw

The circled books are duplicates and should be removed.


Whewww! Thanks guys

More duplicates. The ekuire varient is in a different group. The other is a repeat. Both should be removed frlm the power rangers tmnt II

@CLZ_Rowdy please!

@Jonathan5335 thank you for reporting these. We are aware of these and we are going to correct this as an ongoing project.

@CLZ_Rowdy please!

Thank you so much for thinking along but tagging us in an ongoing post isn’t really necessary.