Added comic not showing in database

I’ve added a couple of comics lately that are not showing up in my listings. They are being uploaded to the Cloud and then my phone app fine, but still do not appear in the database on my desktop. The Series names are “Mad House Annual” (Archie Comics, 1970-1975), and “Lilo & Stich” (Dynamite, 2024). I’ve looked in EDIT → Manage Series->Edit and see the entries there, and the sort Series names look right, but they are still not showing. I do not have a filter turned on currently.

I noticed you’re saying there’s no filter on, are you 100 percent sure of that?

Can you post some screenshots:

  • of your full main screen of Comic Collector
  • of the Manage Pick List where the series is visible?

Hi CLZ_AJ, thanks for responding. Here’s a full screen snapshot of the opening screen:

Here’s the manage picklist for the Mad House Annual series:

Here’s a screenshot of the listing under “M” where the entry should be.

It looks like you do have a filter on. In the upper left corner below “All”, there is a red exclamation point covering an arrow. Click on that.


That should expand a screen for you. If you click on “Reset filters” in the bottom of that screen, it may help. Then you can click on that arrow to hide that screen again.

If you look at the bottom of your main screen, you’ll also see text that says “Cover year greater than…”

My guess somehow you narrowed your view to only show those comics with a COVER year – and the comics you are missing are then ones with no cover year in the system, so they are being hidden.

Thanks Reinharc,
When I unclicked the Keep Acive Checkbox, and clicked on the “Reset Filters” button, the Publication Year “between” values changed to “between 1010 and 19464”. Not sure exactly why, but the two missing entries are now showing (Mad House Annual, Lilo & Stich). Thank you so much for your help!

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I Had clicked on that red exclamation point before (don’t like red warnings), but didn’t see anything that looked like it might be the culprit. Thanks again!

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Good to hear you found it, I also noticed the filter indeed.

As for the year showing 19464, that sounds like a bad year was once entered in your collection. You can go to menu Edit > Manage Pick Lists, then click the Year list, and see if you can find/remove the bad year there :slight_smile:

(I think you want to remove 1010 too!)

I have removed both offending dates. Thanks again for your help.

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