[Added] Crashdown Missing Variants

As shown in the pic, whatnot has the trade as “N” and the limited 1:150 foil variant as “O”… you have the trade as “O” and are missing the foil variant.

Crashdown #1 NO BAR CODE
Retailer exclusive from Very Gary Comics
Cover Artist: Ryan G. Browne
Virgin limited to 100
I have seen no other version of the cover

Crashdown #1 NO BAR CODE
Whatnot/Comic Tom 101 X-Men 101 Homage
Raymond Gay artist
“Distressed” Variant limited to 50

Foil Variant limited to 50

Crashdown #1 NO BAR CODE
whatnot/Dr. Flaw Comix exclusive variant
Cover artist: Javan Jordan
Trade (lim to 100), Virgin Foil (lim to 50), Virgin Metal (lim to 10), reverse virgin foil (lim to 10), reverse virgin metal (lim to 5)

i do not have the “reverse” virgin metal, but their website just used the same cover pic for both the reverse virgin foil and the reverse virgin metal…

Please notice that the pic of the regular virgin metal has the numbering in the lower left corner…

Crashdown#1 NO BAR CODE
Whatnot/Comic Pops/Kyle Willis Exclusive Variant
Cover art: Kyle Willis
Trade dress (limited to 100), virgin (limited to 100), virgin foil (limited to 40)

Crashdown #1 NO BAR CODE
Whatnot/Comic Pops exclusive variant
Cover artist: Ingrid Gala
Virgin Open eyes (limited to100), Virgin Closed Eyes (limited to 100), Virgin Foil open eyes (limited to 30)

Crashdown #1 NO BAR CODE
Whatnot/Squid Army secret variant
Cover Artist: Ben Templesmith
Virgin (limited to 100)

@DeanLeto, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to piggyback off your post and add three I have…

Sajad Shah New Mutants 87 homage (first the regular and then the foil). Same back covers. Davis Rider Comics exclusive.

Also the Archie parody by Bill and Ben Galvan. Mellow Fellow Trading Exclusive.

Thank you. Those would be covered… i have about 40 more to go​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Impressive! I have… four. Total. :slight_smile:

The print run of the Davis Rider trade variant is 100. IDK about the foil.
The print run on the Mellow Fellow exclusive is 100 for the trade and 25 for the foil

Crash down #1. NO BAR CODE
Whatnot/Beachside Hobbies Exc. variant
Cover art: Drew Zucker
Virgin (ltd 100) Virgin Foil (ltd 25)

Crash down #1 NO BAR CODE
Whatnot/Jack Demayo aka Mr. Bolo exc. variant
Cover art: Alex Riegel
Virgin (ltd to 100), Virgin Foil (Ltd 50), Virgin Metal (Ltd 10)

Crash down #1 NO BAR CODE
Whatnot/Unknown Comics exc. Variant
Cover art: Frank Kadar
Virgin (Ltd 100)

Crash down #1 NO BAR CODE
Whatnot/Comic Tom 101/Johnny Desjardins Exclusive Variant
Based off cover 1D
Cover art : Johnny Desjardins
Virgin (Ltd 100) Virgin Metal (Ltd 10)

Metal: Remarque and signed. Use stock images?


For last post…
sorry, trying to keep this tight.
Whatnot/Comic Tom 101/Johnny Desjardins Exclusive Variant

Crashdown#1 NO BAR CODE
Whatnot/ Trinity Comics Exc Variant
Cover art: Ivan Tao
Trade (Ltd 100).

Crashdown #1 NO BAR CODE
Whatnot/Big Time Collectables exc Variant
Cover art: Ryan Kincaid
Trade (IDK print run)

Crashdown #1 NO BAR CODE
Whatnot/Golden Age Guru exclusive variant
Cover art: Joe Doyal
Trade, Virgin… I do not know the print run

Crashdown #1. NO BAR CODE
Whatnot/ Mill Geek Comics exc. variant
Cover art: Guillaume Martinez
Trade, Virgin, Foil… do not know print runs