Added Date & Modified Date

How do I remove these fields please?

If possible.

I’m sorry to say it is not possible to remove these fields.

Can you explain why you want to remove them and from where?

Sure. For me they are not necessary. I mean even to just hide them would be fine in my opinion.

But from where?

Sorry stupid question what do you mean?

From where ?

Where do you “not” want to see them?

Like: where do you see them now where you feel they’re in the way?
And why do you think they’re in the way?

(just gathering information here!)

Ok. np.

I just don’t like seeing them is all :frowning:

Where comes this not liking from? Are they in the way? I’m struggling a little bit with this :slight_smile:

They are displayed at multiple spots, where exactly would you “not” want to see them?

Not sure to be honest. :slight_smile:

I just would not like to see the field at all anywhere

These fields are shown at the bottom of the movie details area. Way down at the bottom, you have to scroll down the details to actually see them,

Then optionally, these fields can be added as columns in the List View, but that is of course user configurable. If you see these fields as columns in the List View, just remove those columns with the Columns button above the list.

That’s it. I can’t think of any other places.

Your right but I still see them :frowning:

Possible to hide or get rid of them please?

Sorry :frowning:

  • It is not possible to remove them from the details panel.
  • It is possible to remove them if you have them as columns in your list (per CLZ Alwin’s instructions above)

Thanks. :frowning: Sorry.