[Added] DC Coming Comics August 1995

Covers submitted by David Berkman

@OTTERHAWK I understand why you would report these but technically these aren’t comics, so I would advice to just add these to your local database instead. Thank you for reporting though. :+1:

There are numerous publications in CLZ that are NOT technically Comics.
Wizard Magazine
Advance Comics
Marvel Previews
Combo Magazine
Flux Magazine
Comic Book Collector Magazine
Comic Talk Magazine
Comics Debut
Comics Feature Magazine
The Comics Journal
Comics Revue
Comics Scene
Comic Values Monthly
David Anthony Kraft’s Comics Interview
DC Connect
Dark Horse Futures
Dark Horse Insider
Clive Barker: Dread - The Official Clive Barker Magazine
Comic Reader
Hero Illustrated
Comics Price Quotes
Dragon Magazine Archive
The Art of the DragonLance Saga
Diamond Bookshelf
Cards Illustrated

There are many more examples available.

My point is, as a collector and occasional completionist, there doesn’t appear to be a valid reason to not include DC Coming Comics in CLZ that would also prevent the listed items above from being included.

CLZ is a fantastic tool for Comic Collectors and I believe I can’t be the only one that would like publications like this available on CLZ, given that many collectors (myself included) consider CLZ an leader and authority in our Hobby.

Please reconsider your stance on these types of publications as there many similar ones already available on CLZ.

Love your App, Thanks.

Hi, can you provide a source that includes all of them? Would like to add them as a whole instead of just the ones you posted

Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a definitive list of DC Coming Comics.

Mycomicshop has 9 to 12 issues (uneder two different titles). Here are the links for them.



Ebay has a few listings too.

Issues Found:
1991 - April, July, August
1992 - August, October, December
1993 - April, June, July, August,September, Ocotber, November, December
1994 - all 12 months found
1995 - March, May, June, August

There may be some usable pics from these links.

These have been added as:
DC Coming Comics (1993)
DC Coming Comics (1994)
DC Coming Comics (1995)

Feel free to report any missing covers mits they are flat and in frame of the pictures. As I don’t think we’ll be actively updating this series any time soon. But the entries are there :slight_smile: . Thank you for posting!

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