[Added] Death Nell #1A - Cammry Lapka Standard Cover (Bad Bug Media)

Release: Jan 22, 2023

Cover: Dec 2022

Publisher: Bad Bug Media

Modern Age | USA | English

Comic | 24 pages

Genre: Adult, Urban Fantasy

Nell is a twenty-something student at Deus Mortem, a prestigious school for necromancy, who is struggling with uncontrollable sexual urges and an overactive imagination. Now, she must venture through the world of magic to find a way to get her impulses under control and focus on her studies. It’s a humorous story about identity, purpose, and - you know - sexy stuff.


Credit Name
Writer Bill Stoddard
Artist Cammry Lapka
Cover Artist Cammry Lapka
Cover Colorist Bruna Costa
Colorist Bruna Costa
Letterer Erek Foster

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