[Added] Divinica #6

Divinica #6

Kickstarter Edition

Release: March 2024

Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Dawn McTeigue Cover

|Writer|JP Roth|
|Cover Artist|Dawn McTeigue|
|Penciller|Dawn McTeigue|
|Colorist|Dawn McTeigue|

In the enigmatic world of Divinica a haunting curse reigns, resetting humanity’s memories with electric red waves every thirteen days.

Divinica wakes each time in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, her body marked by thirteen symbols, and barely able to recall her own name. Amidst her struggle to fathom this devastating existence, she finds a poem inscribed on her arm. As she reads the words, they morph into radiant symbols that coalesce to form a time-bending gateway.

If Divinica dares to step through this portal, she is thrust into the lives and deaths of ancient goddesses across diverse mythologies.

@Harleyq22 same goes for this one. This was already listed in Core. ‘Divinica’, issue #6A.

Also, as from now, please use the topic title for the SERIES TITLE and ISSUE NUMBER.

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