[Added] Do you pooh

Can you add Do You Pooh Thiggrawan variant cover both the trade cover

This has been added. If you have more information as Cover Artist, you can drop it below.

Can you add a Do You Pooh hip hop cover

@verga_grande sure but we also need comic related information, like the name of the cover artist, exact series title, date of release for instance.

Feel free to let us know about these and we will gladly add the comic. Thanks in advance.

This is the info I found online. I own both so if you could add both books that would be great.

I opened up the book and don’t see an issue number or anything of that sort to help out. This was more of a cover buy. I didn’t buy it directly from Frankie’s comics, I got them from a reseller that was at NYCC.

In future please create own topic. When you reply and add on to existing I keep getting updates too. Thanks!

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Yes sir!

@verga_grande Added, thank you for letting us know.