[Added] Draculangela Angel of Blood #1K (New Series)

This is a new (to Core) series from Legends Publishing.
There are several covers, but here are the Ale Garza variants (listed as cover K)

Draculangela Angel of Blood #1K Trade
Ale Garza Kickstarter Trade Dress
Ale Garza

Draculangela Angel of Blood #1K Virgin
Ale Garza Kickstarter Risque Virgin
Ale Garza

By the way, I think this is the last book I needed to add before my collection is completely up-to-date with respect to the CLZ core! Hopefully this means I’ll quit bombarding you guys with batches of books to add, woo hoo!!!

Thanks guys, I really appreciate all the work you CLZ guys have done!

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@millerad76 ‘Draculangela: Angel of Blood’ has been added to Core.

Thank you for the kind words!