[Added] Faro's Lounge: Inauguration Day Special #1

Faro’s Lounge: Inauguration Day Special #1
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Mike Krome

@millerad76 this series has been added, thank you for reporting.

Is this an entry by itself or will it be grouped with other Faro’s Lounge? There is the related cover “Election Day Aftermath” in the Faro’s Lounge title.

It’s an entry by itself. I think the election day special should be a separate entry, too, for that matter because it isn’t part of the main series. (At least I think so, not by my collection at the moment).

I base all of my submissions on the indicia.

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@BrianVariant & @millerad76

There isn’t much information to be found online regarding Faro’s Lounge and the listing of series and issues unfortunately, so we have to go with the information we get submitted.

Regarding that “Election Day Aftermath” you mentioned (I now see it is listed twice by accident): can this be considered a variant to the series ‘Faro’s Lounge: Inauguration Day Special’, or would you say it’s a whole new series / one-shot?

They are definitely companion pieces, but they have different titles. I honestly don’t really care how they are listed. I couldn’t find the Inauguration Day in the core, so I submitted it with that title.

However you want to resolve it is fine with me.