[Added] Faro's lounge missing

Name: Faro’s Lounge The American Safari

Cover variant: Superhero Strip Poker

Cover Artist: Jose Varese

Publisher: Faro Comics Commission

@Diamond5119 this has been added to the series ‘Faro’s Lounge: The America Safari’. Thank you for reporting.

@CLZ_Rowdy . Thanks. Somehow, I cannot find it when I want to add it to my comic collectorz. I looked with American Safari, Faro’s Lounge and so… what am I doing wrong?


@Diamond5119 I’m not sure what you’re doing wrong exactly to be honest.
The series is listed in Core as Faro’s Lounge: The American Safari Have you searched on this exact series title?

EDIT: I just noticed the N in AMERICAN was missing. Added it just now.
Please feel free to let me know if you’re able to locate the series.

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all right, thanks. It works now! Have a good day!

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