[Added] Greek Comics - Giant Size Fascists

Hi all,

Just to be clear from the outset, this is NOT a comic that promotes fascism or fascist ideals, quite the opposite. It’s a very clever (AND hilariously funny) satire of all that, using some well known super hero tropes.

Three issues have been issued so far to my knowledge,

Giant Size Fascists #1 (from Haramada publications), which is the original version.

Giant Size Fascists #1 (from Jemma Press), which is a reprint of the above with additional material.

Giant Size Fascists #2 (from Jemma Press), which collects additional stories included in the Greek comic magazine ΓΑΛΕΡΑ (#19-23 και #25-30).

As you can see the covers homage various well known issues, like Detective Comics #330 and Giant Size X Men #1 and the content will have you rolling with laughter (well, provided you can speak Greek).

Thanks, and as the GSF say, “Make Mine Vanity”

ps i am also attaching links to the various editions and high quality pictures of the covers.

@SGrispos added, thank you for reporting.

Thanks! Much appreciated!