[Added] Green Arrow #1 (CW Licensed Logo Foil Variant) - LTD 750

Title: Green Arrow, Vol. 7
Issue: 1
Barcode: (unavailable)
Description: ComicTom101.com exclusive CW Licensed Logo Foil Variant (LTD 750)

Just curious — do you have this in hand? I’ve ordered them but they haven’t arrived yet.

I’m seeing that there are four different exclusives (see this site for details).

Based on the creators listed (Smith, Hester and Parks), that suggests it’s Green Arrow, Vol. 3 #1. There could be other variations in addition to the above link.

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I see what you are saying. I believe you are correct. The indicia says originally published in 2001.
Green Arrow, Vol. 3 #1

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@Tigerv76 & @Reinharc I have added the four variants, to the series ‘Green Arrow, Vol. 3’.

Thank you for both reporting and for the link.

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There’s another one. It’s a blank cover. One site suggested it was limited to 250, but I don’t see that confirmed in the comic itself.

The front:

The back:

This has been added!

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