[Added] Ground Hammer #0

Ground Hammer and the Defenders of the Realm.

Created by Ben Garwood and Joe Stephenson
Artwork by Phil Buckenham

@FitProSteve added, thank you for reporting.

Can you let me know the name of the publisher and the date of release please? Thank you in advance.

FYI: are you aware you’re missing issue #1?

Hi, it’s self published by Ground Hammer
#0 released July 2022
#1 released November 2022
#2 released January 2023
#3 released June 2023

Thanks, here is #1

Hi, it’s self published by Ground Hammer

Thank you!

(only just now learned about the story behind this series, ’ The Comic Book That Pays Homage to Real British SAS Heroes’ and Ben Garwood’s involvement. Awesome stuff, big fan of these heroes, thank you for reporting this.)