[Added] Haven

You have the Haven “After the Storm” comic in the core which came with the Season 3 DVD set if the series. There was also a comic that was released with Season 4 also. It was published by the same company Entertainment One. The comic was still Haven and the title of the story in it was “In The Beginning” and was released in August 2014. The comic was printed with the help of IDW, The Writer was Nick Parker, the Artist was Roger Robinson, the Colorist was Marcio Freire, The Letterer was Robbie Robbins. The comic is 12 pages long and was a miniature comic like the first one since it came pack with the DVD set. The comic that was released with Season 3 is in the core as Haven (Entertainment One). Here is the cover of the comic that came with Season 4 DVD set.

@timeman1 added to the series ‘Haven (Entertainment One)’. I also numbered them to #1 and #2.