[Added] Hellhounds (Image) Preview

I’ve got a copy of the Hellhounds (Image) preview issue, listed as a San Diego Con Promo on the cover and released in 2003. The cover can be seen below, sorry my copy is signed by a bunch of the creators though I’m not sure if there are unsigned versions or if they were all signed like this. The cover is obviously color but the rest of it is black & white.

Credits are:
Writer: George T. Singley
Artist: Joe Abraham
Colorist: David Self
Letterer: Steve Dutro
Cover artist: Joe Abraham

And since I noticed the rest of the series doesn’t really have the cover artists credited here are those artists for each cover as they’re listed in CLZ:

#1 cover A by Joe Abraham
#1 cover B by Tomm Coker
#1 cover C by Casey Jones
#1 cover D by George T. Singley
#1 cover E by Chris Brunner (incentive)

#2 cover A by George T. Singley
#2 cover B by Ryan Sook

#3 cover by Joe Abraham

#4 cover by Joe Abraham

@MetalChris the preview has been added, same as the cover artists you mentioned. Thank you for reporting.

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